Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vincent Price Birthday Bash

The hostess with the mostest is here with Vincent's wine.
So let's raise a glass to the Master of Menace
and turn back the hands of time!

First we'll dine, then have a piece of cake...

While we watch one of Dr. Goldfoot's go go girls shake!

She's not the only one who grooves.
Check out Vincent's dance moves!
(Starting at the 2:10 mark)

I also want to wish a happy birthday to Christopher Lee!
And a happy belated birthday to Peter Cushing!

Speaking of birthdays,
the go go girl, who's a drink shaker,
was a birthday gift to my brother.

Thanks to Jason Durham for the Elvira photoshop job.

Thanks to Victoria Price for the Dr. Goldfoot paintings,
which are mini art prints, pictured up above and below.

                                              The End

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


VIDEOGRAM features over a dozen faux-trailers
created from snips and clips of cult classic flicks,
re-cut, reassembled and re-animated
to encapsulate the aesthetic aural vibe of each song!

Main brain Magnus Sellergren describes it as:
“A loving tribute to the VHS days of the 1980s.
It's just one big nostalgia trip for me.
[I set out to] recreate the vibe of all those video era trailers and videos.”

And he definitely did!
Fellow 80's horror fans,
you'll totally dig and often dance to this sick flick!

It sold out in a few hours, which proves VHS is still king!
But do not fear, you can get the digital version of it here!

It also comes with a VHS-master version of the "S/T" album,
which features all the twisted tracks from the video.

By the way,
if you love the VHS cover art as much as me,
you can get it on a tee for a limited time here!

Art by Jamie Vayda of Loud Comix

Monday, May 4, 2015

May Mad Hat Day

Hosted by the marvelously mad Debi here.

Sorry I'm late for this very important date,
but hopefully my mad hat is worth the wait.

I thought up the idea for this undead unicorn hat
and commissioned Lolicrafts to make it for me.

Toxic Twosome

That's my My Little Demon pal, Corpsey Puff.
She's from MLD plushies series 1,
which you can get here and here.

Monday, April 27, 2015

V.I.P. (Vincent Inspired Persons) Contest

Happy Birthday, Victoria Price!

In celebration of she and her Dad's birthdays,
I'm giving away a signed copy of her book!

I was going to do an art contest for it,
but don't want to be limiting. Because:

I got this magnet from Victoria ♥ You can get them here!

So you can create anything inspired by Vincent you wish!
Such as a poem or a culinary dish.

(Speaking of which,
you can pre-order one of his cookbooks here!)

Post your creation on your blog,
then link to it on the V.I.P. list below.
Or email it to me and I'll post it here for you.

Winner will be picked randomly on May 26,
and announced on Vincent's birthday, May 27.

May will also be Master Of Menace Month here.
So if you'd like to do a guest post on Vincent,
or any of his movies, please email me!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Edie Ellen Poe and the Enchanted Emerald Earrings

In the shadows of Oz lurks wee, Edie Ellen,
Cooking's a skill she excels in,
She wears enchanted emerald earrings,
To bewitch sweet young things,
How many munchkins she's et', there's no tellin'!

See what Edie and her vampire cat Raven are cooking up here

Edie and Raven were created by Martha Hull.
I took the photo for her Poegirl Challenge,
which you can get all the info on here.

The photo and poem are also for Celebrate Oz,
an annual event hosted by the lovely Oma Linda,
which you can join here.

Since the theme this year is Shadow of Oz,
I want to share two favorite, fitting songs:

Music is usually my muse,
but those earrings were the inspiration for this post.
When I got them from my aunt a few weeks ago,
I knew I had to write about them.

I'm inspired by everything around me though,
just like another muse of mine, Ray Bradbury:

This post is also for The Narrator's Study's event,
Introduce Your Muse, which you can join here.

Monday, April 6, 2015

March Mecha Madness Winner

First off, hope you all had a happy Bunday!
MetalHare by RalphNiese. Check out more scary hares here.

I ended up only doing two Bad Bot Battles, 
since there didn't seem to be much interest in them.

And the baddest bot is...

As you can see, you can buy your own life-sized Robby here!
If you're insanely rich that is.
If not, I'd go for this:

Robby The Robot Alarm Clock available here.

I assume it plays hits from the 70's,
since he apparently really digs them:

Check out his victory boogie!

Did you know Robby was also a Detective?
He even worked with Columbo!
Read all about Robby in Starlog Magazine #007 here.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Videogram's Latest Jam

Cobretti is part of a three-track EP inspired by Cobra,
the 1986 Stallone cult classic, which you can get here!

I've shared Videogram's Camp Blood before,
but I must again, since it's Friday the 13th!

I can totally see this Jason bot busting a move to it!
Check out more horror bots here!

By the way,
I'll be doing the Bad Bot Battles on Facebook.
The first one will be posted soon,
so keep your eyes on my page here!