Monday, August 3, 2015

Doll Diary

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I made it through this crazy day!

My sister Zola and I were sick of sitting around the suite,
so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Chez Zarbus.
Which is inside a pedestal under a giant stone gryphon!

We were greeted there by a legless brown bear,
who introduced himself as Pendleton the proprietor.

As he lead us to a cold, dark room in the back,
he said he felt a kinship to us, due to our lack of limbs.
When he turned the light on, we gasped at what we saw!
A line of frozen bears and other animals.

He told us to pick a pair of arms and he'd remove them, 
then pin them on to us like his were with magical pins,
because everyone has the right to bear arms.
I waited for him to say we were on Candid Camera,
after he was done laughing like a loon, but he didn't.

So, Zola and I both made a run for the door,
but the biggest bear got up and grabbed us!
While Pendleton explained he was his assistant,
Teddy, we managed to wiggle free and flee!

Once outside we were greeted by the gryphon!
He had come alive and swooped to the ground.
He said he was Zarbus, Pendleton's familiar,
and was ordered by him to stop us.

He clutched us in his massive paws,
but as he did, they began cracking.
Continuing up his arms to his body,
which shattered!
We fell to the ground with his head,
which landed on Pendleton!

While Teddy tried to help him,
Zola and I hightailed it home!

Lucky to be alive,


Hear me read this collaborative toy story,
which Magaly G. and Rommy D. inspired.
Check out their collaboration here!


Lucy and Zola were made by Emma Y.

Pendleton and Zarbus belong to Linda R.

Teddy and the other animals belong to Ladan S.

By the way,
I'm extending The Doll Days of Summer through August!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet the Doll Creator: Mandy Murdica of Chiara Venice Art Dolls

I have always had a vivid imagination and believed in fairy tales,
mythical creatures, aliens and outer space...
As a little girl I always believed that my dolls were alive…
and yes that they spoke to me...
Now my childhood dreams have become a reality
and my dolls really do speak to me in so many ways!!!

I am a self taught doll artist and come from Sydney, Australia.
Chiara Venice Art Dolls officially began late 2013.
My medium of choice is cloth,
but I am venturing into a combination of clay and cloth also.
I love the process of transforming an idea into a pattern/a sculpt,
then into a doll, then to add all the elements needed to bring it to life
and give it it's very own soul, it always strikes me as mystical!

My art dolls do not conform to one particular genre or style.
The one thing that I do maintain and love to create are big alluring eyes
that are in a way, unnerving at times.
I feel this is what holds the spirit of my dolls soul
and if their eyes are following you I have indeed succeeded!

"Art Dolls are the key to my unconscious mind,
my way down the rabbit hole,
my looking glass into the world around me and beyond."

Tarrant The Mad Hatter Hightopp,
Our Alice
and the Grinning Cheshire Cat -
Curious Collection

Kara Zor-El - Supergirl
(Designed in a pop art style) 

Queen of Hearts -
Curious Collection

The Joker - Heath Ledger Tribute

Luna Lovegood
(Harry Potter themed
custom art doll)

Mandisa Nabelung -
Sweet Beautiful One,
African Princess

Catalina Arãna, Isidora Fiorella and Lolita Mariposa -
Sweet Skulls Collection 

Pearlia Diamanté -
Tattistic Collection, 
Dream it...Live it...Ink it! 

Invidia Bonetique - Gothic Lolita

Rabberta White -
Curious Collection
(Twist on the White Rabbit)

Visit her FB page here and her Etsy shop here for more.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As I mentioned in my previous post here,
Harley Quinn regains her independence in this short film.
And how sweet it is to see her,
perfectly portrayed by Madeleine Wade,
finally calling the shots!

Micah Fitzgerald is also excellent as The Joker.
Who has been stripped of his make-up,
to not only expose the twisted man behind the clown,
but also to keep the focus on Harley.

Harley and The Joker have a complicated history together,
to say the least.
This film explores that relationship, but being a short film,
doesn't take time explaining their background.
If you're unfamiliar with it, this will fill you in:

I don't want to give too much away,
so I'll just say Peter Dukes doesn't disappoint!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Harley Quinn regains her independence in...


By setting a deadly game in motion,
the consequences of which she alone is prepared for.

SWEET MADNESS is a short fan based, quirky, dark, humorous film
about the madwoman Harley Quinn's descent
(or ascent, if you ask her) into pure madness.
Made out of love for a fabulously complex and entertaining character,
who has yet to see the light of day in the live action Batman canon.

It stars Madeleine Wade as Harley
and Micah Fitzgerald as The Joker.

And will be the 16th film Peter Dukes has written, directed
and produced for his company, Dream Seekers Productions.

I can't wait to watch and review it when it's released mid July.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Meet the Doll Creator: Jacquelyn Rose of Clementine's Art Dolls

Sculpting dolls is a true passion of mine!
Specializing in one of a kind Dolls, Art Dolls & BJD's.
From creepy to beautiful,
all of my Dolls are hand sculpted with love & imagination.
You never know what doll may find you ;)

Edgar Allan Poe


Memento Mori

Mercy BJD

Visit her Etsy shop here, her FB page here,
and her feature from last year here for more.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Meet the Doll Creator: Ioanna of Anima ex Manus

Ioanna is a teacher for children with disabilities by day,
but she moonlights as a doll maker.
She started making dolls in August 2010,
but she had many long-time pauses in between.
She created "Anima ex Manus" in March 2015.

All of her dolls are 100% handmade and no moulds are used.

Her characters blossom from a magical world,
of a past and a future that has never existed.
Secrets and stories are hidden within the expressions of her creatures,
which are lifting the veil of our world, revealing the parallel universe of grotesque,
peculiar, whimsical and anthropomorphic oddities - an entry into the unknown,
the disorientating and the mentally deranging experiences.

Visit her Website here, her FB page here,
and her Etsy shop here for more.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Doll Days of Summer 2015

I missed World Doll Day,
but I'll be celebrating till August 2,
which is National Doll Day!

[Extended through August!]

If you're a doll creator or collector, I want to feature you!
Email the following to me at

~ Your name

~ A photo of you

~ A bit about you and your dolls

~ 3 to 10 photos of your dolls

~ A link to your site and/or store

You'll be seeing and hearing about my dolls too!
Including these beauties I got from talented buddies last year:

Lucy made by Emma of Little Gothic Horrors

Miss Mary Ann made by Rhissanna
Battina made by Gina of Daydream Believer,
who you can enter to win a dolly from here!